Programmatic advertising will flourish when the core ambition for everyone is 100% transparency

We read today (Time for change and transparency in programmatic advertising) once again, how programmatic display delivers only half of an advertiser’s spend to the publishers who deliver the audiences; and how extracting data from the myriad players in the value chain is far from easy. It’s good to be reminded but it’s not news. Anyone working closely inside the programmatic ecosystem knows all this too well. They know it because they created it, or they know it because they find their solutions that solve these problems blocked by some industry parties whose business model benefits from the status quo.

Programmatic advertising can, and should be, be completely transparent. All of it: the spend apportioned; the campaign objectives by websites reached; the level of fraud by domain, and every KPI by domain; for every action including dwell times the user delivered; by every element within the creative that held the user or caused an interaction; by each specific part in a video where something of interest happened. By browser, device, operating system, location; by ad format type; by strategy; or simply by selecting any element from the log-level data drawn directly from the bid-stream and adding it to a customised, automatically-scheduled report; and much more.

The Scoota platform

And programmatic advertising should have, as absolute hygiene factors, real-time automated fraud management, domain verification, viewability, and brand safety included; not as additional charges dropped into the mix after a campaign has run and the budget spent, but in real time, to stop any wastage instantly. And then to report on it for free in a transparent dashboard, and in a way that is incredibly easy to interrogate and/or be instantly plugged into any other system. It should all be really easy, plain and fully transparent.

Programmatic display works if the core ambition of those in the driving seat is 100% about what is best for both the advertiser and target audience alike. For advertisers that’s a prerequisite; and it is for Scoota, which is why we spent over six years building a platform that does all the above and a lot more, very easily.

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