"I was blown away by the Scoota demo. The platform has been so well thought through; it's exactly what brands so badly need in an ad tech solution."

Henri de Navacelle, Ex-Senior Digital Director, Pfizer


For too long, programmatic online advertising has focused too heavily on data. The vast majority of existing systems have been built for direct response at the expense of creativity.

The Scoota platform was built from the ground up to deliver interactive multimedia digital marketing content at scale, and to make the process, programmatic or otherwise, very simple indeed.



Unified DSP & Ad Server

For display & DOOH; creative build tool,
full-stack buying/serving platform,
analytics suite

Creative Toolkit

Automatically converts Photoshop files
into full range of rich, standard and
DOOH formats

100% Transparent

In every aspect, at every touchpoint,
at all times

Brand Safety

Domain verification and fraud / anomaly detection, both in real-time, with bidder optimising dynamically


Audience segmentation based on in-creative interactions for greater optimisation strategies

Flexible working

Fully self-serve or supported
managed service

Dynamic Creative Optmisation

Automated creative optimisation based on best-performing creative together with numerous external elements

Contextual Targeting

The days of retargeting users via a cookie are numbered. Scoota's direct integration with Grapeshot together with AI-based semantic modelling opens up new opportunities

Creative Assurance

Scoota's panel of 2.5m users across six demographic groups gives fast and reliable feedback on creative in the real world



Online advertising creative tools have been in existence for many years. In fact the first rich media authoring suite was created by Tangozebra in the late 1990s; the same team behind Scoota.

Today, Scoota has incorporated into its platform a new type of authoring environment, one which automates the build, across a full range of digital formats, directly from the Photoshop file into the toolkit, in an instant.

Whether it’s for desktop, mobile, OOH or other environments; static, rich, or video; dynamic or otherwise, the Scoota creative platform makes very light work of empowering even the most ambitious creative executions. And, being directly linked to the DSP functionality, numerous bespoke opportunities exist.


In a short period, Scoota’s full-stack platform has
become one of the programmatic buy-side DOOH tools of choice, consistently outperforming the established players and remaining comfortably ahead from a functionality and connectivity perspective.


Automated production of correct creative instantly from Photoshop; media owner QA linked directly from the Scoota creative tool. Genuine, biddable DOOH is now a reality – flex delivery in near real-time by GEO location or day-parting directly from the Scoota platform; automate bidding controlled by external elements such as real-time shopper data and/or the weather; create audience profiles via GDPR-friendly, super-accurate mobile data. And then view the reporting information back inside the same analytics suite as your display activity.


Scoota is live with VIOOH, Broadsign and DAX globally, and is pleased to be first in market with dynamic HTML-based programmatic creative.


For exciting programmatic DOOH, there isn’t a better platform.



High-quality creative along with the right format will transform a campaign, whatever your KPIs

Mouse over the boxes below to reveal which format is best for you.


Our DOOH reach


The Scoota platform has been built with delivering the most relevant and powerful creative in mind. Our bidder’s algorithm will always optimise to the best-performing creative, analysing the likelihood of an engagement and automatically selecting whichever creative is most likely to perform best based against a host of factors. 


Within the Scoota creative toolkit, numerous dynamic elements can be used to enhance a creative beyond simply creating multiple variations. Dynamic feeds can be added easily to allow a variety of controls over creative messages at the point of delivery. Creative variations can be ignited at different times of day or in response to data segments, third party or otherwise. 

Additionally, the Scoota platform is the first in market to offer dynamic HTML-based creative into programmatic DOOH.



Plugged directly into a panel of 2.5m consumers via the creative tool, Scoota’s Creative Assurance functionality delivers a deep-insight report into the effectiveness of the creative execution ahead of campaign delivery.



In a post-GDPR world, context is key and content is the new cookie. 


Scoota’s context & semantic AI engine maps out the best content areas to optimise towards based on advert performance by extracting numerous keywords, comparing how and where keywords and semantics intertwine, and from this data building powerful prediction models.



Scoota's patent pending Sentinel is the magic in the mix. Over five years in development, what Sentinel does at the point of delivery is groundbreaking. 


Here is just a sample of what we are happy to share publically:

  • Can the format render correctly?

  • If the format expands, will it expand correctly?

  • Is the format rendered, visible and in view?

  • Do we have the required page access?

  • Is the format wrapped in an iframe, if so what sort and to what depth?

  • Are interactions generated programmatically?

  • Do interactions follow a consistent, human pattern?

  • Are the elements that are interacted with visible to a human?

  • Have decoy clicks been activated?

  • Is the browser known to be a source of fraud?

  • Are browser details consistent from event to event?

  • Are events fired from an untrusted source?

  • Are events and URLs tampered with?

  • Have third party macros been properly replaced?

  • Is this a zombie session?

  • Is the delivery ID valid and unique?

  • Is the client timestamp consistent and correct?

  • Does this browser generate suspiciously high engagements?

  • Does this IP address generate suspiciously high engagements?

  • Do patterns of engagement follow expected statistical norms?

  • Are we serving in the expected domain?

  • Are we serving into undesirable content?

When delivered through the Scoota bidder, relevant anomalies are fed through the optimisation engine, and the bidder will automatically optimise away from suspicious traffic.



Transparency, like brand safety and anomaly detection, domain verification, and viewability, shouldn’t be a bolt-on; you shouldn’t have to ask for it. These things should be automatic in a future-proofed platform.


For campaigns running through the Scoota platform, transparency is automatic; you see every domain you have won on and your KPIs against each. You can then filter domain performance against those KPIs to allow you to refine your buying quickly and effectively over and above the automated optimisation offered through the Scoota bidder.



With enhanced creative a different type of reporting is required. The Scoota platform presents interactivity and engagement in a fresh way. 

Creative hotspots  |  Video Completion Rates
Report breakdown across ads, strategies & domains



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