Unblocking programmatic.

Cookie-free since 2014

 Dissatisfied with the creative compromise so many brands, agencies and publishers were having to make, Scoota's visionaries wanted to show the world that programmatic could be done differently;   that it shouldn’t be complex or opaque but could be the most successful marketing channel available. 
It has taken $20m and 8 years for Scoota to build and perfect the most compelling technology platform in the programmatic advertising space.


Developed with the vision and expertise of proven industry leaders, Scoota’s proprietary DSP, advanced creative toolkit and industry-leading bidder AI changes digital marketing opportunities for brands.


It solves the challenge of delivering at real scale even the most ambitious creative executions, it ensures the open exchange is extremely safe to trade, it introduces cookie-free targeting and 

optimization that time after time demonstrate performance significantly greater than other systems, and it is the only platform to offer genuine programmatic dynamic creative optimization for DOOH.


Today the team’s ambition is a reality and it is changing perceptions of programmatic advertising rapidly.

Michael Greenlees, Chairman, Scoota.

Scoota comes from the founding team of Tangozebra, acquired by Google/DoubleClick in 2007.   


We are backed by leading EU VCs and prominent angels, including Sir John Hegarty, The Angel CoFund and JamJar.  


Our mission is to unblock programmatic. To make it simple, safe and effective for all brands, agencies and publishers.



From its inception, built to deliver cookie-free enhanced multimedia creative on a truly global scale. Today consistently beating even the most optimistic industry norms on all performance metrics.

Our solution delivers complex creative at scale, with ease

Build & own the best environment lists for your engaged consumers

Deliver truly integrated campaigns to your audiences both in &

Log-level transparency for campaign insights and reporting

Our automated bot flushing & domain verification keeps your budget working hard


Leadership & Investors

James Booth

Founder &
Chief Executive Officer

Michael Greenlees


Simon Booth

Chief Technology Officer

Xan Frances (US)

Senior Vice President Commercial & US Operations

James Langham (UK)

Vice President Commercial, Europe

The team at Scoota is transforming the programmatic landscape and bringing to it exciting new opportunities for creativity; I’m delighted to be a part of this journey.

Investor and Bartle Bogle Hegarty co-founder
Sir John Hegarty


Our Mission

To  unblock programmatic  so that the most ambitious, impactful creatives can be delivered at scale across the open exchange to any screen.  


To make programmatic  simple,  safe  and  effective  for all brands, agencies and publishers. 

  • Engage the consumer

    Everyday we remind ourselves why we go to work - to engage the consumer through ambitious, impactful creative experiences.


    Creative that engages audiences, delivers growth for our clients. 

  • Walk in our clients’ shoes

    Our ambition is to be considered true partners by our clients.


    We can only do that by understanding their world - their pressures, their needs. 


    We stay by their side until the challenges are resolved and our work is done.

  • Be the

    Our unblocking mindset has no limits.


    We lean into every opportunity to improve processes and ways of working both inside and outside of our company.

  • Act with integrity

    We are honest and straight-talking with each other and our partners.


    We share what works best to engage audiences creatively and are 100% transparent with campaign delivery and publisher placements.

  • Champion the cause

    Myths abound in the programmatic space.


    For some, it serves them well for these untruths to perpetuate.


    We want to clear the smoke away and help everyone understand the truth about what programmatic can do for their audiences.


Our global work

 Over 1 trillion data points  gathered across global campaigns since 2014



Partnership Development Managers

Scoota is looking for enthusiastic, experienced Partnership Development Managers for New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, and LA. If you think you have what it takes to help us grow out our US business, please get in touch at: xanthi@scoota.com


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